terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

RyPa, Azrael the Silent Angel of Oldominion, Si-Klon - 3 Steps from Hell (Cutz by Dj Twisted)

New promotion track for the upcoming album «LISBON UNDER ATTACK VOL. 02», entirely produced by Mir the Bloody.

This track have the participation of RyPa, Azrael the Silent Angel of Oldominion, Si-Klon and cutz by my man DJ Twisted)

The album have the participations of:

- Shabazz the Disciple, Solomon Childs, Serum, Matt Maddox, Psych Ward, Kid Fade, Klive Kraven, Anonamix, Sinister Stricken, Perseverance, Vendetta Kingz, Tarantino, Manifesto, Dr. Creep, Chris Black, Animal Cracker, G. Malicious, Labal-S, Dyad Souls, Debt Collectors, Lost order of the Godz, Spokken Dagger, Fubar, Joey Menza, Si-klon, RyPa, Azrael from Oldominion, Life Scientist, Lord Zero, Graveyard Shifter, D-Cap, Dilligent, La Dog, LT Mana, Genocide Regime and more.
Cutz by Dj Ni'xon, Dj Trickalome, Dj Judder, Dj Madhandz, TMB, Dj Twisted and more..

- Cover TCG Artwork
- Video design by Dr. Creep.
- Track mastered by Amos the Ancient Prophet





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