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Bloody Monk Consortium . Bloodsheed (2011) - Johnny 23 Records

Artist: Bloody Monk Consortium
Album: Bloodshed
Label: Johnny23 Records
Release Date: 4/20/2011

1.Call It Watchu prod. by Illstar
2.B.M.C prod. by Imperial Skillz Empera
3.Logic Fly prod. by Logic Fly cuts by DJ ShadowFIst
4.BANG! prod. lex luger
5.Blood Letter feat. Pumpkinhead & LoDeck prod. lex luger
6.Fallen Angelz prod. FuckRICO
7.Burma Interlude
8.Bloodshed prod. Lex Luger cuts by DJ ShadowFist
9.Nightmare on Hemp Street prod. Hemperor K
10.Elesdee prod. Lex Luger
11.Driven into Darkness prod. Niko "La" Tesla cuts by DJ ShadowFist
12.Cooked Infection prod. Kebo
13.Run It feat. C-Rayz Walz,Damo & Teton prod. lex luger cuts by AllanB
14.Creepers prod. lex luger
15.Shrink's 3rd Eye feat. Pacewon & 2uGli prod. mag0wl
16.Axe Murder Blood Bros prod. by FuckRICO
17.The Mission prod. Niko "La" Tesla cuts by DJ ShadowFIst
18.Dead Speaks prod. FuckRICO
19.The Curse prod. lex luger
20.Wrath of the Gods prod. FuckRICO
21.Exit feat. Teton prod. Kebo


After 2 EP's and a successful mixtape in the last 2 years alone, brace yourself for the Bloody Monk Consortium's Official LP debut on Johnny 23 records. Already regarded as an instant underground classic, BMC plows through the scene taking it back to the essence of that golden era of 90's battle hip hop with a refreshing taste of pure raw talent over heart pounding production. Lyricists Leeroy Deestroy and LABAL-S show no remorse chopping down track after track by producer Lex Luger and others. Guest appearances by: LoDeck, Pacewon, C-Rayz Walz, (PH)Pumpkinhead, 2ugli, Damo and more!

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